About us

A cool way to share multiple content by choice

It happened to you once that you liked content
And you wanted to get high exposure ?
From now on, each user can choose which content to share with the world

For Example:
You watch a video on YouTube
And you want to share it with the one click of a button?
1. Copy the URL of the video
2. Click Upload on the platform
3. And paste the URL

There are also some cool features
So you can format the title - and the text from your content

You can import any content you want from any of the following networks.

What else is super cool ?
1. Visitors can join your channel (just like on YouTube)
2. Visitors Subscribers your channel receive your content directly to email.
3. Visitors can comment, share, and make you like your content.
4. All you upload to your channel will be shared on the
Facebook page + in the group + on facebook groups, and on all the social networks
(for free) so that you get exposure all the time.
5. As a user, you can see several statistics: share, like, and more.
6. You will receive push notifications + email when someone Subscriber to your channel, and more

So as a user you can significantly increase the content you love with the world in an automated way. And easy.
And all this is free !!

We\'re happy to help you to share your content thet you love over the Internet.

You can always contact us